Bottom Bouncer Rig For Walleye

A bottom bouncer rig for walleye can be an effective tool to pick up those finicky bites. Pair a rig with live bait or soft plastics, and troll away until you find the active walleye.

Bottom Bouncer Rig For Walleye

Bottom Bouncer

Eagle Claw Bottom Bouncer For Walleye

Eagle Claw Bottom Bouncer

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Walleye Harness 12 Pack For Bottom Bouncing

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Walleye Harness For Bottom Bouncing

Berkley Walleye Harness

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Breaking Down The Bottom Bouncer Rig For Walleye

Understanding the Bottom Bouncer Rig:

Unlike a drop shot rig, a bottom bouncer rig consists of a weighted wire or rigid arm with a lead weight at the bottom, typically ranging from 1 to 4 ounces. Attached to the top of the bouncer is a swivel that connects to the main fishing line. A leader line extends from the swivel, terminating with a harness and bait. Berkley has some great color combos that have worked well for us. This setup allows the angler to maintain constant contact with the bottom while presenting their bait at the desired depth.

Selecting the Right Bottom Bouncer:

Choosing the appropriate bottom bouncer is crucial for successful walleye fishing. Eagle Claw is a reliable and more affordable option when shopping. Factors such as water depth, current, and bottom structure play a role in determining the weight of the bouncer. In shallower waters, opt for lighter bouncers (1-2 ounces), while deeper waters may require heavier ones (2-4 ounces) as long as your trolling rod can handle the load. Experimentation is key, so be prepared to adjust the weight based on the conditions you encounter.

Picking the Perfect Rod and Reel Combo:

Pairing your bottom bouncer rig with the right rod and reel is essential for effective fishing. A medium to medium-heavy trolling rod, around 6.5 to 7.5 feet in length, works well for bottom bouncing. Match it with a quality spinning reel filled with 10 to 20-pound test monofilament or fluorocarbon line, depending on the water conditions and the size of the walleye you’re targeting.

Bait Selection:

When it comes to bait, opt for options that appeal to walleye’s predatory instincts. Soft plastics like curly-tailed grubs, paddle-tail minnows, or leech imitations are popular choices. Live bait such as nightcrawlers and minnows can also be effective. Experiment with different colors and sizes to find the combination that triggers bites in your specific fishing location.

Trolling Techniques:

Bottom bouncer rigs are often employed while trolling, covering a larger area and increasing your chances of locating active walleye. Maintain a slow and steady trolling speed, typically around 1 to 2 miles per hour, and use a rod holder to keep your bait in the strike zone. Pay attention to your sonar to identify changes in the bottom structure or the presence of fish.

Adjusting Depth:

One of the main advantages of bottom bouncer rigs is their versatility in adjusting the presentation depth. Use a longer leader line to position your bait higher above the bottom in areas with vegetation or structure. Conversely, shorten the leader for a more precise presentation in open water.


Mastering the art of walleye fishing with bottom bouncer rigs requires a combination of understanding the equipment, selecting the right bait, and fine-tuning your approach based on the conditions. By incorporating these tips into your fishing arsenal, you’ll increase your chances of landing that prized walleye on your next angling adventure. So, gear up, hit the water, and enjoy the thrill of walleye fishing with the precision of a bottom bouncer rig.

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