Turkey Fan Decoy

The 3 best turkey fan decoys that’ll give you an edge when hunting turkeys. We researched some of the top turkey decoys and broke down our top finds by budget, authenticity, weight, and usability.

The 3 Best Turkey Fan Decoys

Most Realistic

AVIAN-X LCD Strutter Turkey Fan Decoy

AVIAN-X LCD Strutter

Budget Range: $$$

  • Lifelike 95% 95%
  • Lightweight 85% 85%
  • Ease of Use 85% 85%

Best For Stalking

The Grind: Grind Reaper Turkey Fan Decoy

The Grind: Grind Reaper

Budget Range: $$

  • Lifelike 85% 85%
  • Lightweight 90% 90%
  • Ease of Use 90% 90%

Best Priced / Easiest To Use

Mojo Tail Chaser Max Turkey Fan Decoy

MOJO Tail Chaser Max

Budget Range: $

  • Lifelike 70% 70%
  • Lightweight 95% 95%
  • Ease of Use 95% 95%

Turkey Fan Decoy Breakdown

1. Avian-X LCD Strutter

Key Features:

  • Collapsible
  • 15% Smaller Than Real Turkey (less dominant)
  • Realistic Feather Reflection
  • Carry Bag
  • Collapsible Stake

The collapsible design proved remarkably convenient for transportation and decoy setup, ensuring a hassle-free experience in the field. The decoy’s lifelike details, from feather patterns to natural coloring, are impressive and undoubtedly contribute to its effectiveness. Notably durable, the materials withstand outdoor wear and tear while maintaining the decoy’s realistic posture. The AVIAN-X LCD Strutter strikes a balance between authenticity and practicality, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and lifelike turkey decoy for hunting excursions. Although it may not be the best for stalking, it is great when turkey hunting from a low-profile chair.

2. The Grind: Grind Reaper (Quarter Body)

Key Features:

  • Easy-To-Hold Stake
  • Detachable Fan
  • Realistic Irredecent Feathers

Venturing into turkey stalking, The Grind: Grind Reaper proved to be an exceptional companion. Its sleek and collapsible design facilitates easy transportation, ensuring a seamless setup in the field. The lifelike details of the Grind Reaper, including intricate feather patterns and natural coloring, elevate its effectiveness in attracting turkeys during the stalk when you pair it with the right turkey call. The durability of the materials is evident as they hold up well against the rigors of outdoor use, maintaining a realistic posture throughout. Balancing authenticity with practicality, The Grind: Grind Reaper emerges as a reliable and lifelike choice for those seeking an effective turkey decoy tailored for stalking scenarios.

3. Mojo Tail Chaser Max

Key Features:

  • Gun Holder Stake
  • Folds For Easy Carry

In the realm of turkey stalking, the MOJO Outdoors Tail Chaser Max emerges as a lightweight and user-friendly option. While it may not boast the same level of lifelike detail as some counterparts, its simplicity and ease of use are undeniable advantages. Its lightweight construction makes transportation a breeze, fitting in most backpacks or turkey vests. Also, the straightforward setup process ensures minimal hassle in the field. Although it may lack the intricate realism of other decoys, the MOJO Outdoors Tail Chaser Max compensates with its practical design tailored for stalking scenarios. For hunters seeking a reliable and convenient decoy option for their turkey stalking endeavors, the MOJO Outdoors Tail Chaser Max proves to be a valuable asset.

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