Best Fishing Line For Trolling Walleye

We found the best fishing line for trolling walleye in each category. Choose the best line for you based on your trolling setup!

Best Fishing Line For Trolling Walleye

Best Braid

Eagle Claw Bottom Bouncer For Walleye

Power Pro Spectra

Budget Range: $$

Best Mono

Walleye Harness 12 Pack For Bottom Bouncing

KastKing Monofilament

Budget Range: $$

Best Flouro (For Leaders)

Walleye Harness For Bottom Bouncing

Berkley Vanish

Budget Range: $$

Breaking Down The Best Fishing Line For Walleye Trolling

Power Pro Spectra:

When employing braided lines such as Power Pro for walleye trolling, I opt for a longer, more flexible trolling rod and set the drag with a deliberate looseness. This configuration ensures that any significant strike, particularly from a larger fish targeting a crankbait, immediately prompts the drag to engage, allowing for swift and decisive control. Quick reactions are paramount with braided line setups, requiring a prompt response either to grasp the rod for drag control or to slow down the boat if necessary.

To mitigate some of the characteristics of braided line, I incorporate an 8-foot mono or fluoro leader into the setup. This not only introduces an element of stretch, enhancing the overall flexibility of the system, but also addresses concerns related to line shyness. The combination of a longer, more forgiving rod, a loosely set drag, and a monofilament leader creates a balanced and effective approach for trolling with braided lines, optimizing the chances of a successful walleye fishing experience.

Kastking Monofilament

KastKing Monofilament Fishing Line is well-suited for trolling, especially when targeting species like walleye, due to its specific characteristics. One key advantage is its manageable stretch. While monofilament generally has more stretch compared to braided lines, this quality can be beneficial in trolling situations with bottom bouncers. The controlled stretch acts as a shock absorber, reducing the likelihood of hooks pulling out during a strike and providing a bit of forgiveness when dealing with the erratic movements of fish.

The good visibility of KastKing monofilament is advantageous for trolling setups. The ability to see line movement helps anglers detect subtle bites, allowing for a quicker response when a walleye strikes. Additionally, KastKing’s monofilament lines often have low memory, meaning they are less prone to coiling or twisting and can also be ideal for spinning reel setups. This characteristic enhances the smoothness of the line during trolling, reducing the chances of tangles and allowing for more efficient use of downriggers or planer boards.

Affordability is another notable aspect, making KastKing Monofilament Fishing Line an attractive option for anglers who want reliable performance without breaking the bank. Overall, the combination of controlled stretch, good visibility, low memory, and cost-effectiveness makes KastKing monofilament a practical and effective choice for trolling, providing anglers with a versatile and reliable option for their walleye fishing endeavors.

Berkley Vanish:

Berkley Vanish is an excellent choice for leaders when trolling, thanks to its fluorocarbon composition. Its near-invisibility underwater reduces the chances of spooking wary walleye, making it an ideal material for leaders in trolling setups. The high abrasion resistance of Berkley Vanish ensures durability, a crucial factor when dealing with the potential challenges of trolling around structures or rocky terrain. Additionally, its low stretch enhances sensitivity, allowing for better detection of subtle strikes during trolling.

Notably, Berkley Vanish’s versatility extends beyond trolling, as it is also popular for drop shot rigs. The line’s transparency and sensitivity make it well-suited for finesse techniques, such as dropshotting, where detecting delicate bites is essential for success. Whether used as a leader for trolling or in finesse applications like dropshotting, Berkley Vanish stands out for its reliable performance and adaptability to various fishing techniques.

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